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Have you ever felt out of touch with time, or like you were dropped into the world amongst people who lack your sense of style? Born to be fab is your one-stop shop for all your personal desires. You are just a click away from being fabulous. Born to be fab was founded by a fun free spirit individual, who refuses to be deemed as your average Jane. Determined to deliver unique and quality pieces worldwide. With an easy-to-navigate website, reliable customer service, and prices to smile about. Why are you not shopping with us yet? Born to be fab was designed with you in mind. Start shopping today and begin feeling fabulous about your shopping experience! Want to know more about our CEO (left pic) click HERE for more.

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Break the cycle of toxic beauty advice that normalize unrealistic beauty standards. Embrace your natural beauty and just be fabulous. Here at Born To Be Fab we are ready to aid you in figuring out what flatters your unique body type. 


The best known way to elevate your style to the next level. is to make sure every piece of fabric that grazes your body is the correct size. Click the link below to help assist you in pickinng the perfect size for your fabulous pieces.

Size Chart Here


Being creative in your style is part of the process. Don't be afraid to select pieces that are outside of the box.  We find by doing this you encourage confidence, new found love, and adaptability to the ever so changing fashion world. So remeber being FABULOUS is the ART! 


Finding the perfect merge of quality, afordability, and timeless pieces is a task. That's why Born To Be Fab continues to search the latest fashion trends and offer our customers comparable rates before we put our products out for purchase. You can count on us to do all the hard work. Therfore you can relax, browse, and select your favorite pieces from the comfort of you home. All purchases are shipped directly from our office in TX. You don't have to worry about third party shipping rates or times. We value every customer and apprieciate the trust you give us to handle each one of your pieces with care. 

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